COVID-19 Update

April 8, 2021

Six weeks on from the 'roadmap' of 22nd February, the lack of clarity as to the ability to travel this summer is as unclear and uncertain as ever. The resurgence of a 'third wave' and resulting lockdowns in Europe adds only to the sense of confusion and concern. 

Our 'hopes' to get moving again by late June look perhaps somewhat optimistic, particularly for travel outside of the UK. We are keeping our European tour plans from late June thru August under review until the Government 'Global Travel Taskforce' has reported on Monday 12th April.

We are proceeding in as positive manner as we can, while remaining very much aware of challenges that lie ahead, not least of which is how the vaccine roll-out in Europe progresses over the coming weeks. Our team will continue to work part-time from home during April but can be reached by email or on 0151 707 1727.

— Updated 9th April 2021

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