Where the English can travel to (and gain admission!)

July 4, 2020

The long awaited, much trumpeted and 'confusing as ever' advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office has at last been published. It includes a list of 59 countries and 14 British Overseas Territories from which WE will not be required to quarantine when we return to the UK.

What the advice completely fails to address is that two-thirds of the countries deemed 'okay' by the UK Government for Brits to travel to will not allow us in without some form of arrival travel restriction such as quarantine or self-isolation on arrival, a Covid testing regime or pre-travel test requirement, or a wholesale flight ban.

For example, Australia & New Zealand are listed yet both are closed to non residents for the forseeable future. Meanwhile places as close to home as Cyprus will not permit entry to anyone who has been in the UK in the previous 14 days, Austria requires a 'Covid Clear' certificate (issued within 4 days of travel) . The image above was updated 6th July to include Greece opening up access from 15th July (unless you are the father of the Prime Minister!).

The information has been researched by PC.Agency and AudienceNet and they have produced the helpful graphic shown above. The BBC have provided a summary which you can see my clicking the link below.




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