Maestro! trading update #2 and contact information during Covid-19

March 30, 2020

Maestro has had 25 successful and profitable years in business. We have good reserves and have planned to being able to support a drop-off in trading for a couple of months while the situation passed.

Almost every professional touring and music holiday project we had on our books until the end of August is now cancelled. We expect that this week will see the cancellation of the Proms (or at least the reduction to a purely domestic festival) which would complete the wipe out of business with our remaining international orchestras. We are now faced with the reality that, assuming we can get back up and running in May or June, we will have a 'void' of income for the following three months.

In order to protect our team and ensure we are in as strong a position as possible when able to trade normally again we must take immediate advantage of the 'generous' offer from the government (Job Retention Scheme). This however only applies if staff are doing no work whatsoever. The rules pay no attention to the duty we have to our clients and the tasks of recovering funds on behalf of our clients for tours that have had to be cancelled. We have therefore no choice but to place the business on 'pause' until the end of April at the earliest. All our team are now on 'furlough' so that they can at least benefit from this government support.

In the event of an immediate or urgent need, please email Ken Grundy will monitor this email address each morning and take action as needed.

In case of a real and immediate emergency only, please call Ken's mobile number 0797 456 6006 (+44 797 456 6006).

We look forward to being up and running and back to normal as soon as possible.

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