Coronavirus (COVID-19) Maestro! clients advice and travel restrictions

March 14, 2020

We are very grateful for the emails and telephone calls with messages of support and solidarity from our loyal and longstanding clients.

At the time of writing the US has just extended the travel ban to the UK & Ireland from Monday. This is now in addition to the 26 members of the Schengen area that were previously effected. We understand that the Czech Republic has banned all entry from 'foreigners' other than return Czech Nationals or holders of Resident Permits and it would appear that several other European countries will follow suit in the next 24 hours. easyJet and Ryanair have recognised their responsibilities and are offering a waiver of Change Fees for any travel planned up until 31st March. We await Jet2 offering the same courtesy to their worried passengers.

Maestro! has postponed the planned visit to Krakow & Warsaw from 23rd March until 19th October and have also cancelled their holiday to Chemnitz for the Ring Cycle over Easter. This has been rescheduled for Easter 2021.

We expect to see serious disruption to our performing arts clients over the coming days and weeks and we are in direct touch with all managements in this respect.
We will be in touch this coming week with guests planning to travel with us for Music & Arts holidays later in the year to advise them of our decision time lines and possible contingency plans. We will be monitoring the situation regarding performances in the UK in the weeks and months ahead to see how they may impact on our plans.

The Maestro! team are well prepared and are ready to assist as best we can with rerouting, cancellations etc. We look forward to making many more memories for our Maestro family of clients later in 2020 and throughout 2021.

Meanwhile - here's a photograph of sunset in Valsolda where we very much hope to be in September. For now lets keep the people of Italy in our thoughts as they battle this crisis head on.

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