UK premiere of "Ruky na skle" (Hands on the Glass) at the Czech Embassy

June 25, 2019

The Slovak & Czech Embassies in London joined forces today for the first UK screening of a beautifully crafted and moving documentary by Veronika Homolová Tóthová which tells the story of the escape of the 'Winton Children' from Prague with a particular focus on the great sacrifice and selflessness of the parents who told their children "we will see each other soon" even though they knew it would probably never be so. It also commemorates the tireless and often unmentioned work of Marie Schmolková and Doreen Warriner who together with Sir Nicholas saved 669 Jewish children. 


The documentary includes testimony from both Milena Grenfell-Baines & her sister Eva Paddock (who was just 3 years old when put on the train). 

The screening was followed by a reception at the Slovak Embassy, during which both Ambassadors congratulated Lady Milena Grenfell-Baines, MBE on her 90th birthday year. Milena was both one of the 'children' and the driving force behind the project to establish a permanent memorial to Sir Nicholas and the children in Prague.

The "Farewell Memorial” was symbolically created both in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic and takes the form of the carriage door & window of the train in which the Winton children travelled to England. The glass in the window carries imprints of hands of the children on one side and of their parents on the other. It was unveiled at the main railway station in Prague in May 2017 but was badly damaged in an anti-Semitic attack in June of this year. We understand that the Czech Railways and Czech Government have immediately agreed to cover all costs of the repairs to the memorial and proper security going forward.

You can watch the indredibly moving moment in 1988 when Esther Rantzen reunited Sir Nicholas with 80 of his 'children' on This is Your Life by clicking the link below

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